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The National Organization for Women of New Jersey ("NOWNJ Foundation") is a 501(c) (3) organization devoted to furthering women's rights through education and litigation. The NOWNJ Foundation is affiliated with the New Jersey State Chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOWNJ) a state-wide women's advocacy organization consisting of 10,000 members and allies and 14 chapters.

The NOWNJ Foundation is dedicated to the achievement of full participation in society by women and girls.  We are a charitable, tax-deductible, foundation, focused in New Jersey, which creates projects and programs and provides grants to organization and individuals committed to ending discrimination against women and girls.  We have funded a number of educational projects that focus on the following:

Empowering Women Everyday
Philanthropic and public funding for women's and girls' programs is often restricted, if available at all. The NOWNJ Foundation has launched voter registration programs, divorce seminars, financial planning and debt management workshops, and is currently working on developing a hot-line that will serve as an information clearing house for women in crisis to find help wither with custody issues, divorce, domestic violence, sexual assault, psychiatric services and much more.

Honoring a Feminist Herstory
Many of the great feats and accomplishments by women to our society have been overlooked, underestimated, or under-publicized.  The NOWNJ Foundation sponsors the Women Making History  Annual Awards, a ceremony that honors New Jersey women leaders who have shown uncommon courage and leadership in securing the rights of women and their equal participation in society.

Fostering a Feminist Future
The NOWNJ Foundation is dedicated to recruiting and training the next generation of feminist leaders.  The Foundation sponsors a feminist intern program that scouts for young feminist students and leaders and places them in meaningful, hands-on programs in the organization learning press, field work, and policy research.  The Foundation also travels to campuses and provides assistance in developing leadership seminars, organizational leadership, recruiting and retaining volunteers and building coalitions.