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So many issues, so little time!  But there is one issue that affects us all, and without it you have nothing...YOUR HEALTH.

Right now, you are stuck with high health insurance costs--under the old laws, under the new law--and you still have little choice.  That is because you are still paying the "1%" to take care of you--and they could not care less!

You--we ALL-- NEED single payer health care, also known as " Medicare for All."  After all, if your mother or your older friend can have it, why not YOU?  And if YOU already have it, you want your children/nieces/nephews to have it, right?  Even Tea Partiers say "Don't touch my Medicare!"  What's not to love? (Well, we will get to that in a minute.)

    Medicare costs less because the profit motive is GONE.

National Medicare for All is not happening anytime soon.  But there is a provision in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that allows States to pursue statewide Medicare for All.

The NOW-NJ Foundation is collecting funds to pay, along with other likeminded groups, for a study to show how much can be saved for the State of New Jersey, for our county and municipal governments, for businesses throughout the State, and for you and me, once we have single payer Medicare for All NJ.  We believe single payer will save billions of dollars, but no one is going to listen to just us.  We need the study to prove it.

Most Americans do not know that the U.S. is the only industrialized country in the world which does not provide universal health care for all our citizens.  The ACA not only preserves and protects the profit-first health insurance industry, but it also now gives half a trillion of our U.S. dollars for new taxpayer subsidies directly to these profit-first insurance companies and MANDATES that everyone purchase their products, while still leaving millions of us uninsured.  Physicians for a National Health Care Plan (PNHP) estimates that under ACA at least 23 million people will remain uninsured, translating into 23,000 unnecessary deaths every year.

Americans pay more for healthcare than any other country in the world, yet, when compared to 191 nations,  we rank abysmally in overall health outcomes (37th), life expectancy (22nd) and infant mortality (28th). When compared to only the countries in the developed world, we come in LAST.

We in NOW-NJ want an expanded and improved Medicare for All--for ALL of us.  And why, for goodness sake, are teeth and eyes and ears not covered in Medicare (here is our caveat on total love), anyhow?  Do we not want to keep our teeth, our sight, our hearing?  Well, let's expand the coverage so we do!

Please contribute to the study we want to commission by economist Professor Gerald Friedman, who has done similar studies for other States.  If you are low on funds right now, but anticipate birthday or anniversary gifts, remember that the best gift is GOOD HEALTH.  Ask your friends to contribute in your name to the NOW-NJ Foundation (address below) in any amount (marking the donation "single payer") instead of any other cause you might ask them to donate to.  We can then channel those gifts into good health for all of us, using the results of the study to show how cost effective it will be to use our money for health care instead of health insurance.

On the other hand, if you have a few dollars, and want to change the world, another way to shape the history of health care, in addition to asking your friends, is to send your own check to: NOW-NJ Foundation,P O Box 3219 Jersey City, NJ 07303 (memo: "single payer"), or, just press the DONATE button below and DONATE online.

Medicare for All means good healthcare for YOU!   Be selfish, be a rebel--DONATE!  (And it is tax deductible, too!)